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GNOSIS Annual Conference 2022: Call for Abstracts

“Space Sustainability for the Next Decade (and Beyond)”

The second GNOSIS Annual Conference is structured around the following high level themes on space sustainability and environmentalism:

  • Fostering International Collaboration for Space Sustainability (e.g. developments in SSA/SST/STM research and innovation)

  • Embedding Sustainability in Space Law, Policy and Regulation (e.g. aligning space strategies, spectrum licensing, orbital licensing)

  • Addressing Environmental Issues – of Space and from Space (e.g. debris characterisation/monitoring/removal, space weather)

  • Exploring the Intersection between Space Security and Sustainability  (e.g. Defence in space sustainability, international SDA capabilities)

  • Inspiring the Next Generation (e.g. Space sustainability as a topic for STEAM engagement, diversity and inclusion)

Call for Abstracts

The GNOSIS Network encourages active participation from our members, and we are keen to include contributors to the organisation, structure and content of the Conference.

The organising committee invite proposals for talks, posters and panels from the international research community and the space sector. We welcome proposals related to the Conference themes, and will also consider proposals on other sustainability-related topics.

If you would like to contribute to the content of the Conference then please complete the following form to submit your abstract. The deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday 30th September 2022.

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