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GNOSIS Annual Conference

September 8, 2021 @ 1:00 pm September 9, 2021 @ 6:00 pm

The first Annual GNOSIS Conference event is now complete. If you participated then we hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for joining us. We would be grateful if you could please provide us with feedback of your experience (your personal data will not be shared):

We will update this page with links to the slides from our speakers as they become available.

Recordings of all the sessions are now available on our YouTube channel:

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Conference Programme

Day 1: 8th September 13:00 – 18:00
Theme: Background and Science [and why collaboration is needed]
13:00 Welcome

Don Pollacco (Co-PI of GNOSIS, Warwick)

with Martin Rees (Cambridge)

Stuart Eves (SJE Consulting)
13:30 Space debris and steps toward the sustainability of the space environment Camilla Colombo (Politecnico di Milano) Stuart Eves (SJE Consulting)
14:15 The dangers of debris and rocket bodies Darren McKnight (LeoLabs) Stuart Eves (SJE Consulting)
15:00 Break and Networking    

Panel + Q&A – Examples of successful collaboration in the SSA arena? Sharing best practice.

  • Will Feline (DSTL)
  • Jacob Geer (UKSA)
  • Rayna Owens (MoD)
  • Chris Newman (Northumbria)
  • Jay Tate (Spaceguard)
  • Mark Gibbs (Met Office)


Ralph Dinsley (NORSS)

Parallel Session 1: The SSA Community and Networks


Parallel Session 2: Sustainability in the Space Environment


James Blake (Warwick)


Katherine Courtney (Chair GNOSIS Board)



Feedback from Parallel Sessions
  • James Blake (Warwick)
  • Katherine Courtney (Chair GNOSIS Board)
Bob Mann (Edinburgh)
17:30 Evening social/networking    
18:00 End    
Day 2: 9th September 13:00 – 18:00
Theme: Shared Needs, Shared Solutions
13:00 Constellations, sustainability and impact on night sky Andy Lawrence (Edinburgh) Stuart Eves (SJE Consulting)
13:30 What constellations are doing to mitigate risks (debris and light pollution) Maurizio Vanotti (OneWeb) Stuart Eves (SJE Consulting)
14:00 Updates on Debris Removal

Simon George (DSTL)

Toby Harris (Astroscale)

Stuart Eves (SJE Consulting)
14:30 Break and Networking    

Panel + Q&A – What are the knowledge gaps and solutions?

  • Mike O’Callaghan (DSTL)
  • Hannah White (BEIS)
  • Mike Willis (UKSA)
  • Nick Shave (UKSpace)
  • James Endicott (SPAN)
Katherine Courtney (Chair GNOSIS Board)

Parallel Session 3: Law, Policy and the SSA Regulatory Framework

Parallel Session 4: Impact of Constellations on the Radio Spectrum

  • Chris Newman (Northumbria)
  • Joanne Wheeler (Alden/SFN)

  • Simon Garrington (Manchester)
  • Liz Quintana (Ofcom)
  • Martin Coleman (Satellite Innovation Group)


Mark Presley (Map Analytica)


Robert Massey (RAS)


16:45 Feedback from Parallel Sessions
  • Mark Presley (Map Analytica)
  • Robert Massey (RAS)
Bob Mann (Edinburgh)
17:00 ESA’s Space Safety Programme Tim Flohrer (ESA) Bob Mann (Edinburgh)
17:30 The GNOSIS Challenges Stuart Eves (SJE Consulting) Bob Mann (Edinburgh)
17:45 Concluding remarks Don Pollacco (Warwick) Bob Mann (Edinburgh)
18:00 End