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Workshop on “Black Swan” Scenarios

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October 5, 2022 @ 1:00 pm 5:00 pm

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This workshop will explore the potential ramifications of a variety of disaster scenarios for space operations. So-called “Black Swan” scenarios are typically characterised as low-probably/high-impact, and hence present an overall significant risk.

We will consider the potential consequences of a Kessler Syndrome event. How would the loss of certain orbital bands affect operations, services on Earth, launches?

Draft Programme

13:00IntroductionStuart Eves
13:05Extreme Space WeatherSandra Chapman (Warwick)
13:35Magnetic ReversalsCiaran Beggan (BGS)
14:05Meteorite StormsStuart Eves
14:45Rogue AsteroidMassimiliano Vasile (Strathclyde)
15:15Terrestrial EventsStuart Eves
15:45Rocket BodiesDarren McKnight (LeoLabs)
16:15Discussion and Summing-upStuart Eves

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