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Apply for GNOSIS Funding

The aim of GNOSIS is to bring STFC-funded researchers, industrialists and policy advisors together in order to coordinate a cross-disciplinary programme of research.
The GNOSIS network funds proof-of-concept studies and short-term scoping studies with awards of up to ~£30K and ~£7K grants respectively for selected proposals. Suitable areas for proposals include our GNOSIS Challenges, and ideas which arise through our series of themed workshops and ’sandpit’ discussion sessions. Funding is available for a total of 10 small scoping studies and four PoC projects over our 4 year grant period (Oct 2019 – Oct 2023).

Apply for GNOSIS Funding:

Step [1.] Complete and submit the online Expression-of-Interest form

Step [2.] Send us your Project Proposal

[1.] Expression-of-Interest – GNOSIS-Funded Project (PoC/Scoping Study/Challenge)

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[2.] Project Proposal – GNOSIS-Funded Project (PoC/Scoping Study/Challenge)

Your project proposal should be submitted as a pdf document with the following format:

Case for Support – Describe the rationale for the proposed study along with the likely outcomes and their impact (max. 1000 words + diagrams/figures).

Workplan and timeline – Provide a brief list of the key project activities and their approximate timings (max. 300 words).

Funding requested – Provide justification for resources and project budget. Also indicate if there are additional direct or in-kind contributions from any collaborators, if applicable (max. 200 words).

Please upload your Project Proposal using the “Browse” button below, and submit it to us. You will receive confirmation of your submission.

    Terms and Conditions for GNOSIS Funding:

    • in order to be eligible for GNOSIS Funding the applicant’s institution must be in receipt of STFC-funding
    • for Scoping Studies a maximum of £7k is available
    • for Proof-of-Concept Projects a maximum of £30k is available
    • the decision for funding applications is made by the GNOSIS Funding Committee, and is final
    • any underspend of the grant may be subject to recall at the end of the grant period
    • any IP generated will remain with the applicant
    • the applicant agrees to provide GNOSIS with a short summary of the completed work at the end of the project
    • the applicant agrees to provide GNOSIS with updates on any impact generated, when reasonably requested

    Please do get in touch with us if you have any questions about the application process: