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GNOSIS Events Programme 2021
The GNOSIS Network will hold two workshops in 2021. The first of these will be held virtually, while we hope that the second will take place as a physical event later in the year.
There will be two sandpit events this year, and we will host our Annual Conference in September.


Workshop on Novel/Non-traditional Observation Techniques

Venue – virtually hosted

Date – 29th July 2021 (TBC)

This virtual workshop will aim to invite presentations on Novel SST techniques including, but not limited to:

  • Wide Field of View Sensors (WFoV)
  • Unresolved Optical Surveillance Techniques.
  • Resolved Optical Surveillance Techniques.
  • Radar Space Object Identification (SOI)
  • Micro-Doppler Processing.


Space Sustainability/Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)

Venue – TBC

Date – 7th or 14th October 2021 (TBC)

This workshop will be an ‘Educational Workshop’, linking to COP 26, and emphasizing the need to include space sustainability with the sustainability development goals both as a sustainability goal and the benefits space provides in support of the SDG.

Space sustainability will also include the ‘Outer Space Treaty Part II’, with the overall aim to discuss the legal conundrums for space operations, debris liability, space salvage and ownership transfer.

GNOSIS Annual Conference

GNOSIS Annual Conference

Venue – virtual event

Date – 8th and 9th September 2021

This conference is part reflective looking back at the previous year’s events as well as looking forward to the new programme.

The event organisers will approach GNOSIS members through a proactive online survey, a short questionnaire, inviting them for feedback on their preferred style and format of the event and to propose sessions they would like to lead on. More information on this to follow.


Sandpit on Precision SSA Technologies

Venue – TBC

Date – TBC

The SSA Technologies virtual workshop hosted by Warwick University in July 2020 featured a wide range of talks from members of the observational and modelling communities. Following on from this workshop, the sandpit aims to develop this subject matter material further through facilitation and discussion by exploring in more depth some of those potential technologies discussed that can be used to derive information on space systems.

Longer Term Workshop Proposals

For 2022, the GNOSIS network is considering:

Space-based SSA Workshop – early 2022

We welcome suggestions from our members on any subjects they believe the workshops/sandpit discussions should/could cover.