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The Problem of Space Debris

Type Description (see ESA Annual Space Environment Report for detailed description):
PL – Payload, PF – Payload Fragmentation Debris, PD – Payload Debris, PM – Payload Mission Related Object, RB – Rocket Body, RF – Rocket Fragmentation Debris, RD – Rocket Debris, RM – Rocket Mission Related Object, UI – Unidentified.

More than 8000 tons of space objects

At least 3000 defunct satellites in orbit

Approx. 11500 Starlink satellites planned

The Need for Sophisticated Space Traffic Management Capabilities

Space is recognised by the UK Government as critical national infrastructure. Continued access to that critical infrastructure requires the development of much more sophisticated space traffic management capabilities than currently exist, and this development will itself require international collaboration across policy, technology and science on a massive scale.

The need to develop a broad community across science, industry and government has never been more critical, and with the development of UK launch capabilities this STFC funded network will provide a very timely catalyst supporting the Government’s desire for “responsible launch” whilst ensuring long term sustainability of space.