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GNOSIS Technical Challenges

Technical Challenges

The aim of these Challenges is to conduct initial studies into possible future SSA technologies that could improve sustainability in space.

These studies will be aimed at deriving high-level estimates of key performance parameters, the CONOPS for the system, and initial estimates of the cost of implementation.

This list of Challenges is not exhaustive, and suggestions from our members for new challenge areas are always welcome .



PoC and Scoping studies

Proof of Concept and Scoping studies

The main activities of the GNOSIS network will be short term scoping studies and proof of concept studies funded through awards of up to ~£7K and ~ £30K grants respectively for successfully selected proposals.

The expectation is that these proposals are to be presented at the two themed workshops and four ’sandpit discussion sessions’ planned annually. Funding will be provided for a total of 10 small scoping studies and four PoC projects over the 4 year grant period.

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PhD studentships

Call for GNOSIS PhD studentships

STFC, through the GNOSIS Network, has been able to offer part-funded studentships for collaborative research addressing the aims of the Network. Academic institutions that are able to guarantee the missing funding are invited to apply.

The current call for applications will close on 1st March 2022.

These studentships aim to foster collaboration between the academic and commercial communities on projects that can translate science, technology, or expertise from the STFC programme towards the problems of space debris and traffic management.

Information on the current round of studentships