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Workshop: SSA Data Management

The third event in the GNOSIS virtual workshop series will be taking place online on Wednesday 4th of November, at 13:30 – 19:15 GMT.

This event will cover a variety of work related to various aspects of dealing with the “data of space”, such as collection and storage, validation, analysis, and distribution. The aim is to generate discussion about these topics, looking at both the present situation and future provision, and identify areas for deeper discussion and research that could form the focus of one or more sandpits. It is expected that this could generate opportunities for academic research, potentially funded through GNOSIS.

We look forward to welcoming speakers from across our global network to deliver a diverse programme of talks, which will feature contributions from both academics and industry representatives. Please see below for the schedule.

Workshop Programme
13:30 – Welcome & Introduction (Prof Bob Mann, University of Edinburgh)


1st Session: Data User Requirements
13:40 – “Industry Perspective” (Dr Stuart Eves)
14:00 – “Astriagraph” (Prof Moriba Jah, University of Texas Austin)
14:20 – “StoneSoup” (Jordi Barr, DSTL)
14:40 – “Passive RF for SSA” (Yann Picard, SAFRAN)
15:00 – Q&A
15:15 – end of 1st session
Break (10 minutes)


2nd Session: Current Methods of Space Data Management
15:25 – “Blockchain for SST Data Market” (Waqar Zaidi, L3Harris)
15:45 – “A virtual observatory for SSA” (Prof Bob Mann, University of Edinburgh)
16:05 – “GCAT and the challenges for future SSA” (Dr Jonathan McDowell, Harvard)
16:25 – Q&A
16:40 – end of 2nd session
Break (10 minutes)


3rd Session: Future Options/Concepts
16:50 – “Space sector security challenges in a complex world” (Chris Jones, Vor-techX)
17:10 – “Deriving value out of space data” (Kristina Tamane, University of Edinburgh)
17:30 – “Space traffic coordination and management: a demonstration” (Daniel Oltregge, Center for Space Standards and Innovation / COMSPOC Corporation)
17:50 – Q&A
18:05 – end of 3rd session


4th Session: The Way Ahead: Future Sandpits
18:05 – Discussion on future Sandpits (Ralph Dinsley, NORSS)
18:25 – Closing Remarks and way forward
18:30 – Close