We bring together scientists and industry to understand and solve problems related to the ever growing problem of space debris and the challenges of safeguarding spacecraft set to launch into this environment.

To succeed in achieving

Sustainability in Space

Requires an understanding the nature of space debris and the application of law to the space environment. Through a cross disciplinary approach we aim to bring together teams of scientists and expose them to the problems faced by industry and help them apply their knowledge in tackling problems associated with space debris.

The Problem of Space Debris

debris objects greater than 10 cm
tons of space objects (min)
defunct satellites in orbit (min)
Starlink satellites planned (approx.)

The Need for Sophisticated Space Traffic Management Capabilities

Space is recognised by the UK Government as critical national infrastructure. Continued access to that critical infrastructure requires the development of much more sophisticated space traffic management capabilities than currently exist, and this development will itself require international collaboration across policy, technology and science on a massive scale.

The need to develop a broad community across science, industry and government has never been more critical, and with the development of UK launch capabilities this STFC funded network will provide a very timely catalyst supporting the Government’s desire for “responsible launch” whilst ensuring long term sustainability of space.

What GNOSIS does

GNOSIS organises thematic meetings and “jargon busting” workshops to facilitate discussions aimed at bringing scientists and industry together. It also provides seed funding for joint projects and in more advanced cases, provides part funding for graduate students.

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The affect of solar activity on the debris population
An active Sun causes the atmosphere to expand, increasing the drag on all objects, and causing the ones in the lowest orbits to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, thereby decreasing the total debris population. But what can we expect if the Sun enters a "grand minimum"?

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