We bring together scientists and industry to understand and solve problems related to the ever growing problem of space debris and the challenges of safeguarding spacecraft set to launch into this environment.

To succeed in achieving

Sustainability in Space

Requires an understanding the nature of space debris and the application of law to the space environment. Through a cross disciplinary approach we aim to bring together teams of scientists and expose them to the problems faced by industry and help them apply their knowledge in tackling problems associated with space debris.


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What GNOSIS does

GNOSIS organises thematic meetings and “jargon busting” workshops to facilitate discussions aimed at bringing scientists and industry together. It also provides seed funding for joint projects and in more advanced cases, provides part funding for graduate students.
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The affect of solar activity on the debris population
An active Sun causes the atmosphere to expand, increasing the drag on all objects, and causing the ones in the lowest orbits to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, thereby decreasing the total debris population. But what can we expect if the Sun enters a "grand minimum"?

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New Debris : Rocket Body 🚀
Name : FALCON 9 🇺🇸
Launched : 2022-06-29 (3 days)
Orbit : 306x35601 km (MEO)
ID : 52934 / 2022-071B

#SpaceDebris #SpaceFlightSafety

The study of #aerodynamic interactions between separating bodies in high-speed flow is of interest in such areas as #meteoroid fragmentation, the deorbiting of #spacedebris,and launch-vehicle stage separation. #highspeed #shocks @JFluidMech @flow_journal

Plan for Space Sustainability Introduced by the UK Government #EarthOrbit #Latest #SpaceDebris #Astroscale #ExTerraJSC

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ZCZC 020440 UTC JUL 22 QAM SFI 98 SN 39 KIEL A 12 K(3H) 4 SWS 342 BZ -13 BT 13 HPI 55 DCX -15 = K INDEX NOAA 24H FORECAST MID LAT QUIET 21212211 ➡️ DATA BY DK0WCY, SWPC/NOAA, SANSA SA, FWBST EU DF5JL NNNN #hamradio #hamr #swl #spaceweather #spacewx #solarwx

#SpaceWeather conditions: IMF Bz: -13.2 nT south | Radio Flux 10.7cm: 98 sfu | Sunspot Number: 39 | Geomagnetic Field: UNSETTLED (Kp=4)

Please help, donations needed |04:35:56| Be a patron: #spaceweather #spacewx #hamr #swl

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Stop going to Mars and Venus. First send missions and debris trawlers in our own earth’s space first. #spacejunk

A mysterious rocket just slammed into the moon and no one knows who launched it #SpaceJunk

Check out IER's graphics to learn more about space junk!

#Indiana #Hoosiers #iereporter #environmentalnews #spacejunk

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